Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Fabulous Foursome

A female orientated American sitcom based on the book by the female novelist Candace Bushnell. Sex and The City is centered around four virtually inseparable New York women who confide in eachother their divulging and confusing sex lives and emotions.

Sarah Jessica Parker plays Carrie Bradshaw and is a the charming narrator, usually either seen writing her column for the newspaper ironically called 'Sex and The City'. She is constantly pondering over different views on just about anything that will impact the modern viewers sex lives and habits. Carrie is constantly disappointed, but always seems to return to confide in a certain Mr. Big as played by Chris Noth.

Miranda Hobbes is an ever-stressed red-haired cynic lawyer determined to gain success professionally yet she falls pregnant and her only faithful lover and future husband is Steve, an insecure bar tender.

Charlotte York is an eccentric gallery-manager evolved from an overly rich family. She has very high old-fashioned standards and continues to dream of her ideal future with the perfect man, the perfect house and children!

Samantha Jones is every feminist's heroine, as she is utterly unashamed of everything she does. She is an very well-known PR agent and complete nymphomaniac.
Samantha refuses all modern morals and remains a man-eater who has the ability to flirt with almost any man yet is very wary of commitment.

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