Friday, 17 October 2008

Sex and The City The Movie

Well, I hope that all you avid fans have got your own copy of Sex and The City Movie. I certainly have, I got mine from as they are the cheapest that I could find...

I have to admit, the movie was soooooo much better than I had anticipated. Many had stated that the flick wouldn't do much for those not already a fan of Sex and The City, however they were wrong! I hadn't seen a single episode of Sex and The City until I went to see the Movie and found myself hooked. I mean seriously hooked to the point where I want everything associated with the movie, including a Sarah Jessica Parker makeup case and the 'Love' Keyring!

It was totally different watching the movie at home than being in the cinema! I found myself snuggling up on friday night, equipt with my box of tissues and make up remover. I cried my eyes out at the romanticism without worrying about being branded as 'soppy' or walking out the cinema with the usual panda eyes! That wasn't the only difference though, watching the movie at home allowed me to really get in to it and watch my favourite parts over and over.

I would definitely say that it is worth buying the two disc version, I loved the bonus material! This includes an Interview with Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King along with Jennifer Hudson (don't you just love her new album!) Fergie in the Studio, The Fabulous Fashion Of SATC and Deleted Scenes.

Sex and The City Movie can also be purchased from Zavvi, Woolworths, CD WOW! and are also selling a great range of Sex and The City merchandise including
Sex and The City: Original Soundtrack
Sex and The City The Movie On Blu-Ray
Sex and The City Cast T-Shirt
Sex and The City The Movie Book

To sample a few of my favourite songs from the movie and the soundtrack, click on the play buttons below...

Watch this space for a full review of the Movie and bonus material and more competitions are coming up too!

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